Scientific planting to promote garlic production


Garlic producers in Australia are using science to increase the success rate of their business. The company is Australia's largest producer of fresh and processed garlic products. The iraak based company has more than 80% of the national market.

Mr. Diamantopoulos has worked in Industrial Chemistry for 15 years. No agricultural background proved to be an advantage, he said“ To successfully grow garlic on a commercial scale, we need a lot of experimentation, a lot of trial and error, and a lot of research and development. "

"That's what I'm qualified to do. Through the elimination process, we gradually determined which varieties to grow in Australia, how to grow garlic well, how to maximize our yield, how to diversify in different planting locations and take advantage of Australia's diversified growth areas. We deal with this business from a very technical point of view. " Understanding all the knowledge of each garlic grown is critical to maintaining the competitive advantage of Australian garlic producers. Mr. Diamantopoulos and his team used a bar code system to record and track the different stages of growth and production, carefully recording each step of the process.