New garlic is tight and its purchase price rises


This year, Henan precocious garlic, which is mainly used for curing garlic and supplying domestic demand, has been listed from April 22. Henan precocious garlic, which can be used for air drying and packaging export, began to market on May 10. In another main garlic producing area, Shandong early maturing garlic began to market in large quantities around May 17.

Generally speaking, the low temperature weather has a certain effect on the growth of garlic bulbs, and the overall size is small. Compared with the same period in 2020, garlic production is expected to decrease by about 10%.

"In terms of quality, this year's production area has not experienced long-term extreme weather. Although the low temperature causes garlic to be smaller than last year, the quality is better and better, the skin is compact and thick, without the green head phenomenon last year, and the garlic with little mildew and sugar. In addition, although the overall specification of garlic is slightly smaller than last year, the proportion of garlic specifications above 5.5 is over 70%, which is also a year of better garlic quality in the past years, which is very worthy of expectation. " Jack Chen said.

Jack Chen said, "from the perspective of supply and demand, garlic will be operated at a high price this year. Generally, garlic outside the mixed storage will not be less than 5 yuan / kg, and that of general mixed cold storage garlic will not be higher than 5 yuan / kg. However, for the short-term market, the development of international epidemic and the changes of policies of some major importing countries can not be ignored. The price of farmers selling goods is closely related to the enthusiasm of planting. The current price is higher than the cost price of farmers, and the increase of wheat subsidies may lead to farmers growing in the next garlic season. "

Based on the above, it is estimated that the price of garlic will rise from 5.3 yuan / kg to 6 yuan / kg or higher in summer. In addition, it will rise to about 7 yuan / kg due to the increase of purchase volume of garlic slices and warehousing. No matter how oversupply, the market will have a shock in the short term. As for the cold storage garlic market, the amplitude will be bigger and the frequency of fluctuation will be higher“ In terms of export, the continuous spread of overseas epidemic has disturbed the balance of supply and demand in the international garlic market, and created additional market advantages for China's garlic export. The export has been in a continuous upward trend. This positive market is likely to continue for a while. " Jack Chen said.